The Association Board is scheduled to meet on the second Friday of the scheduled months below   All meetings are open to property owners of La Buena Vida, with the occasional exception of the Board convening into Closed Session.  A Regular Meeting Agenda including location, and start time is in the link below.  Please contact Connie Bradley in advance if you wish to attend a Board meeting with an item that you would like to add to the agenda.

An Annual Meeting of property owners is held each year to review financials, elect Board members, vote on amendments to Restrictions, and is also a great opportunity to meet other property owners and the Board.  The 2021 meeting was held on November 13th at the La Buena Vida home of Denise and Jeff McMahan.  The exact date for the 2022 Annual Meeting is currently unknown but, as per the Bylaws, will be scheduled for the fourth quarter of the year.  Advance notice will be provided to all property owners/members.

Any changes in the dates and times of the monthly Board meeting - or Annual Meeting - will be posted here.
La Buena Vida Board Meetings

Below are the remaining dates for board meetings scheduled in  2022. Meetings can be rescheduled as needed, but all meeting are regularly scheduled for 2nd Friday at 4 pm.

September 9  
October 14
November (Annual Meeting)